MINIX Neo Storage Review – Multiport HUB with SSD


As the size of laptops is reducing to be more compact, so does the number of usable ports. That’s where multiport hub fills the gap. Multiport hub is pretty common and I guess everyone has heard of it or own one themselves. Multiport hubs come in different configurations catering to different users but this hub from MINIX is slightly different. It is designed for Macbook but any computer with the right connection can use it.

The MINIX Neo storage hub is made of aluminum and is pretty light, yet feels solid. It features a Type C main port with a rubber casing that is used for connecting to the laptop. The hub itself has another USB-C port for power delivery, a HDMI port capable of 4K output and 2 USB 3.0 port. There is light indicator when the hub is powered on as well.

Both USB 3.0 port has a total output of 1A when there is no power delivery and a total of 2A with power delivery. If you want to charge devices using the USB port, the max current will be 0.5A, it’s pretty slow so you are better off using a wall charger. When plugging in a USB 3.0 device, the max current will be 0.9A.

But that’s not all. This MINIX Neo Storage also has an inbuilt 120GB SSD storage, perfect for on the go usage. It cuts down the need of carrying another hard disk or thumb drive which makes it very convenient. As in the manual, the current model, Neo S1 supports read write speed of up to 350MB/s. Using CrystalDiskMark, this is the result.

As to note while using the SSD, the exterior do get warm. And the manual do state that the heat will dissipate from the housing. I’m also quite curious as to whether this SSD can be formatted into a bootable Image of let’s say Ubuntu. Turns out, yes it can and it brings out another possibility of usage.

MINIX highly recommend connecting a power supply when using the harddisk, but I suggest using a power supply at all times. You might not use a lot of devices at once now, but you will never know when it will happen.

The MINIX Neo Storage is a pretty handy device and has been very useful in providing useful ports on the go or on the desk. Coupled with the SSD storage, there is no fumbling and searching of tiny thumb drive in bags. The only gripe I have is the USB ports are a little loose and hopefully will improve in future iterations.



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