Google Pixel 4 XL Unboxing!


The Google Pixel 4 has finally been announced and although you can’t technically buy them yet, it will be available from the 24th October onwards. Prices start from $1,119 for the Pixel 4 and $1,319 for the Pixel 4 XL, and the price is slightly lower than the previous generation.

In the box, you will find the Pixel 4 XL, charger and cable. But 3 items are removed from the previous generation, the Google team pixel stickers, 3.5mm adapter and Google Pixel earbuds. That could have explained the decrease in pricing but for a thousand dollars phone; it may be disappointing for some of you.

There are some major changes from the previous Pixel 3, the most obvious one for me is the omission of the fingerprint sensor. Google is now focusing a lot on face recognition but it would be nice to provide both options so everyone can choose which one fits their usage. The sides are now frosted which provides some grip , and the two tone look is gone, replaced with a full soft touch glass back which is super slippery. That’s where a case might come in handy, but it’s a pity the design will be hidden. The Pixel 4 comes in 3 colors, Just Black, Clearly White and a new limited edition Oh So Orange, which I like the best.

The notch is gone but the top bezel contains the selfie camera, face recognition sensors and a tiny radar. This radar powers Motion Sense that allows you to use your hand gestures to skip songs or silence alarms. Although there are limited use cases for Motion Sense right now, I was told more functionality will be developed in the future.

The Pixel 4 now has two cameras, a 12MP main shooter with OIS and a 16MP telephoto camera. The 3rd module in the square camera bump is the spectral and flicker sensor. Pixel camera is usually pretty good, especially Night mode. But there is a new feature that is Astrophotography, where you can take photos of the stars in the night sky. I’m pretty excited to try this although I wonder how it fares in a light polluted city.



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