Redmi 6 Family Unboxing and Quick Look!


Hey guys. So I finally got my hands on not 1 not 2, but all of the Redmi 6 Family. Usually the Redmi 6 series is considered mid range, and they have the 6A, 6 and Pro version that are different in specs and design. I’m not going through all the unboxing but let me do a quick one. All their contents in the box are pretty much the same with the exception of a TPU case that only comes with the Pro version.

All of them comes with MIUI9.5 on top of Android 8. As far as design goes there are slight differences especially with the Redmi 6 Pro version. One of it is the speakers, the Redmi 6 Pro has speakers at the bottom but for the Redmi 6A and Redmi 6, it’s actually at the back. I don’t remember Xiaomi having speakers at that location but it’s something new. As for the internals, the Redmi 6A has a Mediatek Helio A22 CPU, Redmi 6 has a Mediatek Helio P22 CPU and the Redmi 6 Pro has the familiar Snapdragon 625.

That’s all for this short quick look video. I’ll be sure to compare and test out all 3 devices in detail and I can’t wait to share the results with you. Be sure to subscribe and share so you won’t miss the full review. Thanks for watching and see you guys in the next one.

Available here
Redmi 6A
Redmi 6
Redmi 6 Pro 32GB
Redmi 6 Pro 64GB


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