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Lately I have been itching for a Chromebook but it’s not sold in Singapore. Not all gadgets are available locally and it’s kind of difficult to get those from another country, especially if they do not ship overseas. But there is a solution for it. BigAppleBuddy, a service that’s helps you buy and ship items from the US reached out to me and I was thinking why not give it a try?

Before I continue, I have good news for you, at this link in the box below, mention this code ‘justanaverageuser’ in the item details, and you can get a $10 off the service fee on your 1st BigAppleBuddy order.

There is no need for any registration to use this service and it’s pretty simple 3 easy steps. Get a quote of the item you want, they handle the buying and shipping to your address and the product arrives at your door step.

As for the price of the service. All you need to pay is the product cost plus the shipping plus the service fee. The service fee for the 1st item is $50 and $15 for each additional item. This will benefit more if you plan to buy many items at once. For the service fee, you are paying for the whole purchasing process. All you need is to provide the link or item you want to purchase, get a quote, and they handle the rest. They will inspect and repack the goods to make sure things are in order. It brings ease of mind and all communications will be through e-mail when there are updates or queries.

You can buy from any U.S online stores but for gadgets, they will not be able to handle refurbished items. I submitted the item that I want at their website, got a quote within a day. As prices do fluctuate, it’s best to confirm the quote quickly and make payment to them to purchase at your desired price. Choose my shipping method, made payment, and within a day I got an update that item has been purchased. Around 6 days later, they informed that it was shipped and provided a tracking number and finally my Chromebook was received in excellent condition.

BigAppleBuddy is very reliable and prompt in their service and I highly recommend them if you need to get any product from the US. They also ship to over 110 countries around the world and you can count on them to get the item right to your doorstep.


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