Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Unboxing


I just bought the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and the Redmi Note 5A but the unboxing video will be 2 separate ones so be sure to check them both. At first glance, the Mi Note 3 looks exactly like the Mi 6 I reviewed before, where Xiaomi calls it the Mi 6 with a larger screen. Apart from the bigger screen size and a different processor, it’s almost identical to the Mi 6 with some small differences like the battery size. It has a 5.5inch FHD screen 3500mAh battery, running on Snapdragon 660, Adreno 512, 64/128GB storage and 6GB of RAM.

It costs around SGD$500 which is slightly cheaper than the flagship Mi 6. I’m not too sure about this price but we will have see to how the Mi Note 3 fares to determine if it’s worth it. That’s all for now, if you enjoyed the video, feel free to leave a like and be sure to subscribe to see the full review. Thanks for watching and see guys in the next one.



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