Samsung A5 2017 vs A7 2017


I got my hands on the A7 2017, also in black to do a short comparison between the A5 2017 and A7 2017. The contents in the box are the same for both versions, so just check out my previous video for the unboxing. The link will be in the description  below.

Design wise, no significant differences between the 2, except for the screen size. All ports and buttons are exactly the same with the speaker grill on the right side above the power button. The A5 2017 is still manageable to use one handed, but definitely not for the A7 2017. The other main difference is the battery capacity, 3000mAh on the A5 2017 and 3600mAh on the A7 2017. The rest of the specs are exactly the same with the same IP68 water and dust resistance.

Since both phones have exactly the same CPU and GPU, performance should be quite similar. I think it’s down to real world usage to determine if there are any real difference between both phones and I will be sure to put them to the test.

Thanks for watching the A5 2017 vs A7 2017 video!



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