TechElec USB Cable Review


Everybody knows that USB cables comes free with every mobile phone. Why does companies still produce them? Your cable could very well get spoiled or get misplaced. Or you just want to get a spare just in case. TechElec is one company that provides such a cable. This USB 2.0 cable was provided by them Free of Charge, for me to give an unbiased and honest review.  This leads me to the important question. Does it perform as advertised?

The quality of the cable feels great. It’s comes with braided cords that’s made of nylon fiber which is stated to be durable and tangle free. So far I have been using it like normal, without needing to be mindful of it. The cords doesn’t tangle and can be easily coiled with the velcro attached to it. One thing I noticed are the strands of fibers that are appearing out of the cord. Hopefully the strands will not pop up all over with longer use.

The connector that connects to your phone’s USB port should have no problems fitting inside with a mobile case on. The size is identical to the other cables I have.

As for functionality, I compared the cable using a stock cable from the Xiaomi and using the supplied charger. Doctor charger was used to compared the amperes that the phone is drawing. The advertised current is 2.4A but as the Redmi Note 4 can only accept charging up to 2A so I am unable to test the max amperes. But as you can see, the Xiaomi cable and TechElec cable charges at nearly the same current.

USB 2.0 on paper can transfer data up to 480 Mbps or 60 megabytes per second. Used a 1.17 GB file and copied it to the phone using both stock and TechElec cables. The stock cable took about 36.92s whereas the TechElec took 37.51s. The average for the stock cable is 31.690 MBps and the TechElec cable is 31.191 MBps. Not the greatest speed as it’s still USB 2.0.

The cable has a good quality feel to it and it performs like it should. The 2 meter cable ensures that you can be far away from the wall outlet and still get your battery charged.  As for the cost, it’s a little on the pricey side but it comes with a 12 month warranty. Not many cables have such a long warranty and this goes to show that they are serious in making quality products.




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